10 Podcasts for Every Entrepreneur


Learn to build a better brand. Get tips for a successful marketing campaign. Stay up to date on the latest productivity tools. If it’s a fresh perspective you’re after, you’ll find it and more in these 10 podcasts for every entrepreneur.

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Six Business Blogs You Need to Read


A really good blog represents incredible value for today’s business owner. With nearly as many blogs as there are online companies, determining which are worth reading can be a time-consuming task. To save you some trouble with trial and error, we’ve compiled a selection of 6 stellar business blogs you need to read.

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Starting a Medical Practice in Canada: Three Business Tips You Must Know

Medical practice

Starting your own medical practice can require a lot of additional learning, skill acquisition and consultation of experts but it can also provide a number of benefits.

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Employee Mentorship: 3 Keys to Success


One of the simplest, easiest paths to success and productivity for businesses, in almost any industry, is through a robust mentoring program.

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Death of a Taxpayer in Canada: Not an Inheritance Tax but an Income Tax

The inheritance tax in Canada visualized

Canada’s Alternative to the Inheritance Tax There is no inheritance tax or estate tax in Canada per se. With the exception of property passing to surviving spouses (or possibly dependents) upon death at tax cost, there is a notional or deemed disposition of capital property owned by the deceased immediately prior to death. A deceased’s […]

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Government Stepping Back from Limiting the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption and Other Private Corporation Measures

Capital Gains

In response to pushback arising from the proposals, the government responded by reducing small business rates and backing down from two significant controversial ideas that would impact many small businesses with unintended results.

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