Insights Into the Proposed Changes to the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption

Capital Gains

A discussion of the proposed changes to limit the use of the lifetime capital gains exemption by family members and the implications of these changes on tax planning strategies.

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Insights on Proposed Changes to Income Splitting Rules

Income Splitting

A review of the proposed changes to income splitting rules that are scheduled to be enacted in 2018 by the Liberal government.

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The Pitfalls of a Part-Time Business

This blog post will help you take a realistic look at the possibility of a part-time business, taking into consideration what some of those roadblocks might be.

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Why Job Titles Matter – How to Use Them to Hire Great Talent

This blog post will explore why job titles do in fact matter, and how you can use them to hire great talent.

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A Small Business Guide to Insurance – What You Need

Your business may have many assets: vehicles, office space and equipment, inventory, an indispensable employee or partner and, most importantly, yourself. To protect these assets and to protect your business from potential risks, you should consider getting insurance.

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The Five Steps to Running Payroll in Canada

This blog post will walk you through the five most important steps to build payroll success.

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