Edward Fink is a partner who also serves as the firm’s training, quality assurance and professional development partner.

Edward is a originally from Montreal where he obtained Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University, and a graduate diploma in Public Accounting from McGill University, and a CA designation. His career in public accounting concentrated on small businesses and their issues. While in Montreal, he also lectured part-time in financial accounting at McGill University.

He moved to Toronto in 1990 and continued his career dealing with small business. In 2003, his firm was appointed auditor of a public company. His career path was changed forever when he was asked to lead the audit team. With new accounting standards and no one in his firm with whom to discuss issues, he developed a relationship with the ICAO’s practice advisory service. This relationship resulted in his becoming an original member of the reinvented Small Practices Advisory Committee, which he now serves as chair.