5 Qualities That Make Your Accountant Sexy

Accountants are often taunted for being ultra conservative, bland, dull and above all…boring! Here at Miller Bernstein, we say – nonsense! There are a lot of ways that accountants can be dynamic, interesting, leading edge, and yes, even sexy.

Joking aside, it is important to find an accountant who is up on the current trends and has a sense of flexibility and insight to make you feel that your needs are being met. Here are five qualities that you should look for when you are selecting an accountant:

1. You are made to feel like you are the centre of attention

Of course, everyone wants to feel as though they are important. Too often, when dealing with service professionals, we are forced to wait for appointments, have our phone calls go unreturned and our questions unanswered. When was the last time your doctor didn’t make you wait?

Seek out an accountant that has a client centered approach – talk to other clients to make sure that their needs are being met, and make clear that this is a priority for you.

2. He/she is informed about current trends and regulations

As boring as it may seem, the reality is that the accounting landscape is dynamic; it changes frequently. Tax laws are often being overhauled or redefined and they can be complex and difficult to understand.

You want an accountant who is committed to keeping up with these changes and then translates that knowledge to their client interactions. Do they subscribe to industry publications? Are they active in professional associations? Make sure you ask about this consideration before you hire an accountant.

3. He/she has a successful and established practice

That young, new accounting graduate may seem sexy, but the truth is, nothing trumps experience. If you want a preview of how your accounting needs will be addressed, you need a frame of reference. And unfortunately, a “newbie” will not be able to provide that frame of reference.

Experience, on its own, does not necessarily indicate that an accountant will deliver. You want to find an accountant who is both experienced and successful. That is the magic combination – success tends to breed success, and when it comes to your money, you want somebody with a track record.

4. He/she is open-minded

You need someone who can think outside of the box and point out opportunities that you may have overlooked. This is arguably one of the most critical qualities of a “sexy” accountant.

Financial challenges can be difficult to overcome, but with the ideal combination of optimism and open-mindedness, a sexy accountant can point you in the right direction.

5. He/she is a wee bit obsessive-compulsive

Okay, this one is perhaps a bit unfair – how could it possibly be “sexy”?

Hear me out.

Managing your finances can be a messy business. It’s difficult to keep track of expenses and payments and deductions. All of the receipts and spreadsheets can become a nightmare to sort through and it is easy to lose track of what matters.

But the accountant who is a wee bit obsessive-compulsive will have no trouble making sense of the madness, and will be able to lift that burden from your shoulders which, let’s face it, is sexy.

Your relationship with your accountant is critically important. It can mean the difference between a successful business and one that flops. Don’t just look for credentials and references. Ask yourself – is this person sexy? Do they make your heart pitter-patter?

Here at Miller Bernstein, we’re pretty sexy. Contact us today if you’d like to chat about your accounting needs.

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