2024 Federal Budget Summary
This budget aims to increase lifetime capital gains exemption, introduce a new Canadian Entrepreneurs’ Incentive and increase the capital gains inclusion rate. It also proposes measures to help Canadians buy their first home by increasing the withdrawal limit and granting a temporary repayment relief.
2023 Federal Budget Summary
The budget proposes new measures to facilitate intergenerational business transfers as well as succession planning using Employee Ownership Trusts, strengthen the General Anti-Avoidance Rule, further target the Alternative Minimum Tax for High-Income Individuals, invest in building Canada’s clean economy and improve affordability for low-income earners.
2022 MB Federal Budget Summary
The budget proposes measures to help Canadians buy their first home, including by introducing the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account and doubling the First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit
2021 Fall Economic Update
A commentary on the 2021 fall economic update.
2021 Federal Budget Commentary
A commentary on the proposed 2021 Federal Budget presented by the Liberal government.
2019 Federal Budget Commentary
A commentary on the proposed 2019 Federal Budget presented by the Liberal government.
2018 Federal Budget Commentary
A commentary on the proposed 2018 Federal Budget presented by the Liberal government.
Insights on Proposed Changes to Income Splitting Rules
A review of the proposed changes to income splitting rules that are scheduled to be enacted in 2018 by the Liberal government.
Department of Finance Proposal – Tax Planning Using Private Corporations
As committed in Budget 2017, this paper provides details about tax planning strategies involving the use of private corporations and sets out proposed policy responses to close loopholes in the tax system.
Federal Budget Brief 2017
The second budget of the new federal government charts a course for economic renewal but fails to identify an important destination by not outlining when the government plans to return to balanced budgets.
Setting Up a Corporation in Canada
Incorporating a Canadian company creates an entity separate from the officers running the corporation. This limits officers’ liability to the amount of their investments in the corporation, and also provides a slew of tax breaks. Canada provides for federal and provincial corporations, and while setting up a corporation isn’t a no-brainer, it’s not rocket science either. Here are the eight steps you follow to establish a Canadian corporation.
Business Planning 101 – What You Need to Launch
You need tons of dedication and drive to launch a business, and even more to successfully operate and grow it. A business plan is the essential tool to map out and execute your vision. Adopting a good business plan is the right way to translate your dream into reality.
Mastering the Upsell – How to Grow Revenues With Existing Customers
Upselling is the preferred method of growing revenues, but it only makes sense if it also benefits the customer by reducing operational costs, expanding capacity, supporting growth, or some other strategic purpose. Mindless upselling just to meet sales quotas could very well alienate customers. The task of the sales force is to show how spending more brings meaningful benefits congruent with the customer’s business strategy. That’s easier to do if you’ve built a trusting relationship with your client and have refrained from hard-sell tactics.
Basic Bookkeeping Principles for Your Small Business
Bookkeeping is the process of recording and tracking income and expenses in the books and records of your business. Many people fail to recognize that bookkeepers are not necessarily accountants, although all accountants know how to perform bookkeeping. As a small business owner, you may decide to do your own bookkeeping but rely on an accountant to prepare your tax return, handle tricky transactions or audit your books. Whether you do your own bookkeeping or rely on someone else, you should at least be familiar with the basic principles so that you understand why things work the way they do.
The Impact of Social Media On Your Business
A social media marketing campaign, whether simple or complex, must be evaluated for its effectiveness, lest you end up pouring money down the drain. The proper selection and measurement of metrics is essential to judging the impact of social media upon your business, so here are several ideas to consider.
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