Audit and Assurance

In today’s world of economic and business challenges and the ever-growing complexities in the areas of compliance and performance measurement, organizations are in need of value-added services like never before.

We are dedicated to providing audit and other assurance services that go beyond the financial reporting of a business and its required compliance. At Miller Bernstein, client services are propelled by our wealth of experience in delivering audit and other assurance engagements, our specialized knowledge across many industries, and most importantly, our highly skilled team of CPAs.

Our professional staff are specifically trained to execute and deliver quality audit and other assurance engagements. We provide invaluable insights that identify areas to improve our client’s business processes. These insights result in efficiencies that culminate in business growth and profitability.


Some organizations do not require the assurance that is provided by an audit or other assurance engagement nor do they need financial statements containing all the disclosures normally required under such engagements

At Miller Bernstein, we provide services to compile financial statements for clients that prefer such services. Compiled financial statements are often prepared to accompany an organization’s income tax returns.

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