Tax Compliance

We are entering an era where governments are aggressively seeking new sources of tax revenue. As tax legislation grows increasingly more complex, so are compliance obligations and penalties for failure to comply. Miller Bernstein is here to help you and your business navigate the ever-changing landscape of these complexities and risks.

We work closely with our clients, to ensure that their records and business practices meet tax regulatory requirements. Our team understands the financial impact taxation can have on your company’s growth, and we can advise on the most efficient manner to comply with tax obligations.

We pride ourselves on unmatched, multidisciplinary strategic tax expertise, including our abilities to:

  • Identify and recommend solutions to minimize tax risks
  • Ensure your company meets its compliance obligations
  • Manage tax authority audit enquiries and provide conflict resolution strategies
  • Provide guidance on tax accounting and reporting disclosures
  • Keep up to date with expanding global compliance obligations


Your partners at Miller Bernstein unlock deep multidisciplinary resources with a wide range of experience, all backed by our team’s commitment to rigorous quality. We’re ready to help you thrive.

Miller Bernstein Tax Compliance Services

  • Income tax
  • Transactional reporting
  • Sales tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Foreign reporting
  • Preparation of appeals
  • Preparation of voluntary disclosures
  • Filings for non residents with respect to Canadian real estate

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