Six Business Blogs You Need to Read

A really good blog represents incredible value for today’s business owner. Practical, experience-based advice is not only free for the taking, it’s usually aimed directly at the challenges entrepreneurs struggle with most. But with nearly as many blogs as there are online companies, determining which are worth reading can be a time-consuming task. To save you some trouble with trial and error, we’ve compiled a selection of 6 stellar business blogs you need to read.

Neil Patel

If you’ve never heard of Neil Patel, your business could be missing out on some cutting-edge, digital marketing know-how. Patel is the co-founder of such high-performing analytics platforms as Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics – and he counts Amazon and NBC among his many satisfied clients.

Patel’s down-to-earth blogging style is largely dedicated to helping companies generate more online traffic. So whether it’s link-building, email marketing, or growth hacking you’re into, Patel’s blog is the go-to resource for everything Google and beyond.


With the catchphrase, “Start, run, and grow your business,” Entrepreneur is more than just the online home of a well-known magazine. The publication’s website offers a valuable blend of blog articles, videos, and podcasts geared toward aspiring and established business owners.

Much of the advice on tap is sourced directly from industry leaders. Additional insight is provided by staff writers with a finger on the pulse of current business events. In both cases, the goal is to motivate readers, improve their operations, and better equip entrepreneurs like you to manage and grow your vision.

Canadian Marketing Association

You may have noticed that Canadian-specific business content isn’t always easy to come by. That’s why the Canadian Marketing Association makes a point of providing new and seasoned business owners with up-to-date marketing news, advice, and trends information.

The organization does its best to cater to a wide range of industries, and makes online educational resources available to augment its content. The Canadian Marketing Blog section of the CMA’s site was specifically created to communicate “insightful thought leadership from leading Canadian marketers.”

Fit Small Business

As one of the leading digital resources for entrepreneurial success, Fit Small Business is all about getting and keeping your business in shape. Fit Small Business recognizes that many companies operate with limited amounts of money and time. So their objective is to help businesses of all types and sizes thrive with a well-rounded collection of how-to articles, product reviews, industry expert interviews, and buyers’ guides. Typical blog topics include sales and marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, and e-commerce.

Intuit’s QuickBooks

4 million+ entrepreneurs have turned QuickBooks into one of the most popular accounting software packages for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, the organization is happy to make valuable online resources available to customers and non-customers alike.

The Small Business Centre section of the company’s website features Canadian-based bookkeeping advice. Articles and examples provide real-world guidance for the numbers-driven side of your business, with subject matter ranging from cash flow and expenses, to inventory, invoicing, and payroll.


Sales and marketing are one of the keys to business longevity – and nobody knows that better than HubSpot. The company’s stock-in-trade is software products for business, but they’ve managed to turn blogging into an artform at the same time.

HubSpot is serious about inbound marketing, so they go out of their way to share thoughtful, step-by-step direction your business can implement today. Check out their three distinct blog categories for insights on Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

There’s no shortage of online experts with blogging advice to help your business run better. But if you’ve got questions along the way, we’ve got the answers. Consider sharing some face-to-face time with a Miller Bernstein representative today.

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