10 Podcasts for Every Entrepreneur

Whether you choose to listen in on your Smartphone, tablet, or portable audio player, podcasts are a remarkably convenient way for entrepreneurs to get inspired and glean valuable advice from some of the biggest names in business. Learn to build a better brand. Get tips for a successful marketing campaign. Stay up to date on the latest productivity tools. If it’s a fresh perspective you’re after, you’ll find it and more in these 10 podcasts for every entrepreneur.

1. TED Talks: Business

Most of us are familiar with the video side of TED Talks. But TED Talks: Business lets busy entrepreneurs benefit from a podcast version of the inspirational program. With speakers ranging from high-profile activists to successful innovators and CEOs, episodes are brief, packed with thought-provoking ideas, and free to appreciate on Apple’s iTunes.

2. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Wondering how some of the most influential names in business got that way? Host John Lee Dumas interviews a different business leader each day on his award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire. With some 2000 episodes under his belt, Dumas knows how to extract real-world value from the entrepreneurial journeys of guests like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and Seth Godin.

3. Beyond the To-Do List

Time management is an ongoing problem for many, but it’s particularly challenging for the small business owner. Join host Erik Fisher for his award-nominated podcast Beyond the To-Do List to hear from a variety of productivity experts. Real-life situations are examined with the goal of gaining insight into everything from project management to goal setting.

4. Venturing Out

Looking for something a little closer to home? CBC offers seven podcast instalments of its 2017 program Venturing Out. Hosted by Arlene Dickinson of Dragon’s Den fame, these episodes feature conversations with some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs. Prepare to learn from both their highs and their lows.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

As author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek – and with more than 300 million podcast downloads to date – Tim Ferriss’ multi-award-winning program is well worth a listen. The Tim Ferriss Show isn’t always conventional, but Ferriss’ “deconstructive” interviews with world-class achievers lets him extract a host of practical tips, tools, and tactics for entrepreneurs.

6. Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic is the podcast for you if you’re looking to improve your digital marketing skills. Hosts Ralph Burns (Tier 11) and Molly Pittman (DigitalStrategyBootCamps.com) leverage their considerable knowledge and experience – as well as that of guest entrepreneurs – to provide tactical, cutting-edge advice on acquiring leads and sales through paid traffic.

7. How I Built This

No one inspires quite like the founder of a major organization. National Public Radio’s podcast How I Built This unearths the stories behind some of our best-known brands. Walk in the shoes of the innovators and idealists responsible for successful enterprises like Lonely Planet, Steve Madden, Lyft, Flickr, and Lululemon.

8. Startup Canada

Startup Canada is all about promoting entrepreneurship across the nation. And they’ve partnered with companies like MasterCard, Microsoft, and the Financial Post to make sure that happens. The organization offers three distinct podcasts geared toward general business advice (Startup Canada), female entrepreneurship (Thrive), and business finance and growth (Startup Finance).

9. HBR Ideacast

In weekly episodes of HBR Ideacast, Harvard Business Review showcases the best of business and management thinking. Interviewees include corporate giants like General Electric, Columbia Business School professors – even former U.S. President Bill Clinton. With more than 600 episodes, HBR’s podcast is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurial awareness.

10. Eventual Millionaire

Who hasn’t wished they were a millionaire at least once? Jaime Masters’ Eventual Millionaire podcast aims to make that dream a reality for as many listeners as possible. Masters has interviewed hundreds of multimillionaire entrepreneurs. Tune in for actionable advice on what it takes to follow in their footsteps.

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