“Outdated” Marketing Tactics That Still Work

Today’s marketing tools include an impressive array of intelligent chatbots, voice-powered screenless browsing, and interactive digital signage. With such advanced technologies in play, it’s no wonder many business owners assume traditional marketing tactics are no longer effective.

But what if we told you that 65% of Canadians still appreciate getting postal mail about new products from brands they’re interested in? Or that many sales experts continue to view cold calling as the most powerful and cost-effective way for a small B2B business to grow?

Traditional marketing isn’t dead – it’s just been reborn. So, let’s take look at some “outdated” marketing tactics that still work in 2019.

Cold Calling

While inbound marketing has become the new norm for connecting with target audiences, cold calling remains remarkably effective for massaging leads and closing deals in many B2B industries. The trick is to transform cold calling into warm calling by:

  • doing your research and using lead generation software to target decision-makers
  • initiating contact with prospective clients through cold emailing.
  • following up by phone with customers who respond to your email’s CTA (call-to-action).

Because your sales team will be chatting with prospects who’ve already expressed some level of interest in what your company offers, they’ll be in a far better position to capitalize on their sales skills and marketing training.


Company conferences come in many forms, and each offers something unique in terms of marketing potential:

  • Participating in trade conferences gives you an opportunity to analyze the competition while you showcase your product or service directly to clients.
  • Running sales conferences can educate and empower your sales team to perform better.
  • Frequenting business conferences lets you network and learn more about current market trends and opportunities.
  • Hosting HR conferences and workshops can stimulate employee engagement (and improve customer relations) by encouraging professional growth in the workplace.

The benefits gained from taking advantage of various conferences may be less direct than those offered by other marketing tactics, but they play a critical role in building and maintaining a solid promotional platform.

Direct Mail

Colourful postcards and personalized admail delivered directly to the mailboxes of existing and prospective customers can generate an impressive response rate. In fact, by combining physicality, targeted data, and emotional connectivity, research shows that direct mail drives more customer action than digital media.

Here are some helpful tips from the Canadian Marketing Association for designing your direct mail campaign:

  • Make sure your offer is relevant and provides value to your target market.
  • Use an appropriate mailing list for your product or service – one that considers recipient demographics and interests, as well as purchase history.
  • Maximize the impact of your mailout package through personalization and message consistency.

Direct mail marketing works best when used as part of a multi-channel strategy. But it’s important to plan your campaign, and measure and analyze results with the help of control & test packages and ROI (return on investment) metrics.

There’s no question that modern marketing has the edge when it comes to connecting with a larger audience, faster. But business owners who learn to successfully combine digital efficiency with the personal touch offered by tactics like these are more likely to cover all their marketing bases.

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