How to Build a Team That Will Transform Your Company

Companies that invest in collaborative work environments are 5 times as likely to become high performers. So whether you already employ a group of talented individuals – or you’re making plans to hire some – read on to find out how you can build a team that will transform your company.

Building a Successful Team Starts with You

High-functioning teams create synergy by leveraging the individual strengths of their members. But it takes a dedicated leader to harness the multiple skill sets, work experiences, and opinions required to reach a common goal – in this case, converting your business from so-so to outstanding.

The good news is that teamwork can be taught and developed. The better news, according to the Business Development Bank of Canada, is that growth and profitability favour business owners who:

  • delegate responsibility to their teams,
  • make time to mentor individual team members, and
  • allow their employees to make decisions and find solutions to problems

A shared sense of purpose is key for maximizing productivity, but strong teams start with strong leadership. Make sure you’re laying the right collaborative groundwork by sharing your evolving goals, shaping your company’s culture, and demonstrating trust in your team.

Communicate and Clarify Your Goals

Putting a crack team together means getting everyone on the same page. To do that, you’ll need to first identify – and then communicate – your ongoing business objectives.

Once you’re clear on where your team should be headed, share and clarify those goals with your employees by sitting down and discussing:

  • the purpose of their team as a whole,
  • their specific responsibilities within the team environment, and
  • how their individual roles will interconnect

It takes a multitude of talents to build a winning team. But only by understanding your short and long-term objectives can you pin down the skills that will help you achieve them.

Pro Tip: If you’re hiring new employees to help build your team, make it a point to seek out valuable soft skills.

Establish a Collaborative Culture

You can’t build a team capable of transforming your company without the necessary culture to support it. Check that your business is taking steps to promote collaboration in the workplace by:

  • setting appropriate expectations for employees,
  • recognizing and rewarding teamwork over individual achievement, and
  • facilitating communication among your team members

Establishing a collaborative culture is a proven way to benefit from a unified approach to innovating and problem-solving.

Pro Tip: One of the most effective ways to promote great teamwork skills in the workplace is by modeling those same traits yourself.

Stay Involved with Your Team

Leading a team is not the same as micro-managing one. If your goal is to enable workplace performance, you should aim to empower employees with concrete guidelines, then trust them to get the job done.

Experience shows that successful leaders build teams around relationships governed by trust and loyalty – not by power or fear. So stay involved, but give your team breathing space by:

  • communicating clearly and openly with employees – and encouraging them to do the same with each other,
  • participating in group and one-on-one brainstorming sessions from time to time, and
  • regularly evaluating your team’s efforts so you can guide or assist them when needed

Pro Tip: You’ll foster better cooperation in the workplace – and enjoy greater success – if you make room for employee relationships to gel.

Team-building activities are a great way to cultivate positive co-worker relations. The more opportunity you give your team to bond outside their regular work duties, the more likely they are to rely on and learn from each other on their way to transforming your company.

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