Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Launching a podcast may not strike you as the most conventional way to ramp up your small business marketing strategy. But with growth trends in listening continuing to rise, a podcast may be exactly what your business needs to attract more leads, prospects, and clients.

More and more, as Canadian entrepreneurs work to attract interest and inquiries from prospective customers across the country, they’re turning to podcasts to reach a uniquely young, diverse, well-educated, and affluent target market.

What makes podcasts an especially effective marketing tool?

For a start, they provide an excellent opportunity for your audience to learn more about you and your business “in person” and on their own time. This can help them develop a greater level of trust in your product or service.

According to The Canadian Podcast Listener, business podcasts command a respectable 13% of the country’s listenership by genre.

Equally compelling are statistics that suggest:

  • Nearly one-third (29%) of Canadians over 18 listen to podcasts monthly
  • More than one-in-five (21%) listen weekly
  • Weekly listeners average an incredible 5 podcasts per week

Perhaps even more promising from a Canadian business owner’s perspective is the fact that almost half (48%) of these listeners are tuning into podcasts produced by Canadians.

Still not convinced?

Here are 4 more great reasons why your business needs a podcast.

1. Build up your brand

Podcasting has become an increasingly effective marketing tactic for small businesses looking to build a stronger brand foundation.

According to statistics shared by the BBB, organizations with branded podcasts saw:

  • 89% higher awareness
  • 57% higher brand consideration
  • 24% higher brand favourability

Prospective customers may not listen to your podcast regularly. But the positive impression you create can go a long way toward growing your following and increasing your business exposure.

2. Establish credibility

Your podcast is an ideal vehicle for educating your audience. Sharing your expertise and providing value to your listeners is a good way to establish your credibility. The more you can demonstrate your desire and ability to help prospective clients, the easier it will be to develop a business relationship with them down the road.

3. Extend your reach

Word-of-mouth can prove tremendously effective when it comes to marketing your business—and podcasts are a great way to reach and inform a broad listener base.

Statistics from The Canadian Podcast Listener show that:

  • 47% of Canada’s podcast listeners are between 18 and 34 years old
  • 35% are aged 35 to 54 years old
  • 18% are over 55 years old

Moreover, podcast listenership in Canada is relatively evenly split between men (54%) and women (46%).

4. Expand your sales network

Podcasts don’t just have the potential to attract listeners you can turn into leads. As your audience grows, you can also use your podcast to expand your sales network.

While social media and your website or blog, for example, are great ways to promote your audio program, cross-promotion with other podcasts remains the leading source for discovery.

By inviting industry experts or local thought leaders to be interviewed for your show—and offering to do the same for them—you can:

  • Draw more listeners
  • Generate connections and sales interest within the business community at large
  • Streamline your sales deals and onboarding by attracting prospects who are more likely to come to you informed and prepared to do business

Starting a business podcast is an easy, flexible, budget-friendly way to connect with your target audience and feel good about making a difference in the lives of your listeners.

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